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Visor shield

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Our protective visor is ideal for protecting the face against projections, droplets, splashes, postilions.
It perfectly complements the wearing of the FFP2 type protective mask (KN95) or the Consumer model (3-ply mask)

Our transparent facial protection screen will be suitable if you are:
A craftsman on a construction site. A cashier or person working in a large area. Nursing staff, doctor, nurse working in the hospital or in the private sector. An employee working in an open space or warehouse. A delivery driver. An individual who wishes to protect themselves from the public while traveling.

-Light weight faceshields
-PP browguards + PC Clear visor (Visor size: 8 "X 12")
-Provides protection against foreign particles, chemical splash and dust
-Adjustable Elastic Strap for Universal Fit
-EN166 Certified